ETHAFA is a Maker kit designed to introduce more Egyptian girls to STEAM

Discover the kit

What is Ethafa?

The Ethafa kit features five characters that explore STEAM basic principles.
Each character can be made by learning the basics of electronics via a narrative approach.

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What's inside the kit?

Inside the kit you will find all the necessary to build the five characters.
The kit is made for a group of five people, age 11 to 14 years old.

5xTool boxes

Each box contains the component (leds, resistors..) to create one character.

5xCharacter base

Each character base contains 1x BREADBOARD, 1x MINI BREADBOARD and Arduino Nano board


The scenario is used in second part of the activity...Choose the perfect set for your story!

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User Reasearch

The idea began with research on Maker Education and STEAM Education.
There are always fewer girls who are interested in STEAM subjects.
But issues such as engineering and science are essential for the economy
of the countries and there are more and more job opportunities.

The aim of this kit is to let egyptian girls know the possibility offered
by STEAM subject and empower them using a Maker Education approach.